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Economic consulting services to regulated industries including telecom, gas, electric, water and wastewater utilities.

William Wilks, Principal

E-mail: WWilks@PBandA.com
Mobile Telephone: 907-242-0659

William (Bill) Wilks is a 55 year Alaska resident specializing in providing professional consulting services to public utilities, local city governments and private businesses. Bill has over 30 years of providing consulting services to mostly Alaskan businesses located as for north as the North Slope of Alaska; as far south as Ketchikan, Alaska and as far west as Saint Paul Island.

Bill specializes in developing complex revenue requirement and cost of service studies for, among other industries, electric utilities located in the State of Alaska. These studies begin with historical financial statements of the business and are adjusted for known and measureable changes to test year costs using pro forma adjustments. These adjustments to test year cost determine if the business on a forward-looking basis will be operating at a surplus or deficiency and the required change in rates or revenue necessary to achieve the businesses revenue requirement.

Bill has developed these cost studies for both regulated and non-regulated utilities. For his regulated utility clients, he develops these cost studies and as required under state regulations files them with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA). These cost studies are accompanied with written testimony to explain and support his pro forma adjustments and cost study results. Often times Bill must testify before the RCA under oath at hearings and is often subject to cross examination by intervening parties so that the RCA can determine the reasonableness of his cost studies and pro forma adjustments. All of Bill’s filings before the RCA have been approved as substantially filed with the RCA. Electric clients that have used Mr. Wilks’ services include the City of Saint Paul, TDX North Slope Generating, TDX Sand Point Generating, Alaska Electric Light and Power and Municipal Light and Power (ML&P).

Bill has also developed complex cost studies to determine the reasonableness of indirect cost allocations by Chugach Electric Association (CEA) to ML&P to compensate CEA to operate and maintain the South Central Power Production Plant (SPP). SPP is the newest most efficient power production plant in Alaska and placed into service February 2014 and is jointly owned by CEA and ML&P. In addition to determining an appropriate allocation of O&M costs for the SPP facility, Bill also developed the pro forma adjustments for ML&P to recover its share of this power production facility.

In addition to his professional career Bill is a bush pilot, an avid hunter and fisherman and loves to venture out into the Alaska wilderness.