What We Do

Economic consulting services to regulated industries including telecom, gas, electric, water and wastewater utilities.

Industry Practices

PBA specializes in providing economic consulting services to regulated industries including telecom, gas, electric, water and wastewater utilities. Our telecommunications practice has a national reputation. Are utility practice specializes in assisting clients in Alaska as far north as the North Slope of Alaska, as far south as Ketchikan, Alaska and as far west as Saint Paul Island, Alaska.


Since it was founded in 1993 the PBA has worked with the very largest telecommunications firms to the very smallest. We have performed thousands of analyses and developed hundreds of models that have enabled our clients to succeed in their markets. Since the enactment of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 PBA has performed numerous forward-looking long run incremental cost studies in support of the establishment of TELRIC UNE prices, competitive access rates, universal service funding requirements, and rate rebalancing. We have developed customized computer programs and models for client applications including multi-location pricing models and broadband network simulation models. PBA consultants have testified before federal and many state regulatory and governmental commissions across the country and in most territories. We have developed analyses for international clients in countries including Mexico, Barbados, the Dutch Antilles and Trinidad. PBA consultants has participated in interconnection negotiations and arbitration proceedings on behalf of clients.

PBA Consulting has developed a complete business case analysis for its clients, including a comprehensive project description, cost/benefit analysis, financial justification statements, return on investment, implementation timelines, critical assumptions, and risk assessment

Alaska Utilities

On January 2015 Parrish Blessing and Associates opened an office in Anchorage, Alaska specializing in regulatory consulting for utilities. The office is managed by William (Bill) Wilks as Partner – Alaska Utility operations. Bill is a 55 year Alaska resident with over 30 years of experience in public utility rate and regulatory matters for utilities operating in Alaska. Prior to the opening of the Alaska office, PBA had been working in Alaska for fifteen years in the telecommunications area working on projects like those described in the telecom section of our website for Alaska Communications and other clients.

With Bill joining us and the opening of our Anchorage Office PBA is now positioned to leverage many years of Alaska experience to provide telecommunications and utility clients the services they need. Bill and his staff in Alaska are experts in developing and supporting the following types of analyses required of both public and private sector utilities:

  • Revenue Requirement cost studies
  • Utility Rate Design
  • Cost-of-Service cost studies
  • Revenue Assurance reviews
  • Cost allocation studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Non-recurring cost studies
  • Avoided Cost Studies
  • Total Element Long-Run Incremental Cost Studies