What We Do

Economic consulting services to regulated industries including telecom, gas, electric, water and wastewater utilities.

Economic and Financial Modeling

PBA has the consultants and expertise tassist clients in developing economic and financial models and analyses that enable clients tmeet the requirements of the multitude of federal, state and local regulatory requirements and tfacilitate internal strategic decision making. PBA has worked with and developed a broad array of cost models including forward-looking, incremental and embedded cost models for internal and external client requirements. These technical applications are provided in support of rate cases, tariff filings, internal management analysis and compliance with regulatory reporting requirements in federal, state and local jurisdictions. The Firm possesses expertise in the preparation of business case, pro-forma financial analyses, economic cost models, rate development models, cost support and demand analyses necessary tmeet a wide array of client needs and regulatory and managerial requirements. PBA-developed models have been filed before many state, federal and international regulatory agencies tsupport client positions and meet compliance reguirments.
Economic and financial modeling and analysis

  • Cost models
    • Forward-looking Cost Studies
    • Long-run Incremental Cost Studies
    • Embedded Cost Studies
    • Fully Distributed Cost Studies
    • Stand Alone Cost Studies
    • UNE Cost Model Studies
    • Cost-Based Pricing Studies
  • Telecommunications Broadband Network Simulation
  • Demand forecast analysis
  • Tariff rate development and cost support
  • Rate case rate development and cost support
  • Competitive access rates
  • Telecommunications universal service funding requirements
  • Rate rebalancing analysis
  • Models for Interconnection negotiations and arbitrations
  • Customized computer programs and models
  • Business case analysis
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Financial justification statements
  • Return on investment models
  • Risk assessment Models
  • Cost of Capital Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Interconnection Negotiation support
  • Professional Witness Support at regulatory hearings (written/oral testimony witness)