What We Do

Economic consulting services to regulated industries including telecom, gas, electric, water and wastewater utilities.


PBA specializes in the design and implementation of financial, economic, and regulatory analyses required to position companies to succeed in today’s utility and telecommunications markets in the continental United States, Caribbean Region, Guam and Alaska. PBA has developed a broad array of cost models (economic and financial), including utility and telecom revenue requirement and cost of service models and forward-looking broadband cost models that have been used to further client goals before state and federal regulators. In addition, the Firm has analyzed and worked extensively with other models including the Federal Communications Commission’s Connect American Model (“CAM”) and Alternative Connect America Model (“ACAM) in the FCC’s current Universal Service Reform proceeding. PBA has also developed forward-looking, incremental and embedded cost models for litigation support and internal and external client requirements and has performed market analyses and demand studies necessary to support retail and wholesale prices.

PBA possesses the requisite economic, statistical and industry expertise to produce the analyses necessary to comply with a variety of federal and state regulatory requirements as well as to effectively position companies to succeed in complex markets. PBA also provides top quality litigation support and expert witness testimony.