What We Do

Economic consulting services to regulated industries including telecom, gas, electric, water and wastewater utilities.

Expert Testimony & Litigation Support

PBA represents clients in all aspects of regulatory proceedings; including the preparation of pleadings, expert testimony, affidavits, ex parte presentations before regulatory bodies, propounding discovery requests, responding to data requests, and strategic planning for a successful case. PBA’s experienced staff has prepared testimony and testified in over 200 regulatory proceedings in the majority of states in the United States and federal regulatory agencies and are well-respected voices in regulatory proceedings. As discussed in the preceding sections, PBA’s staff has extensive expertise in preparing several different types of cost studies and in defending those cost studies in regulatory proceedings. Whether the purpose is to determine rates for interconnection, or cost-based rates for independent or municipally-owned electric, water or wastewater utilities or establish tariffed rates for new services, PBA has the expertise and experience to prepare the appropriate cost study and support that study in a regulatory proceeding. Additionally, PBA’s staff has negotiated several interconnection agreements on behalf of its clients and testified in arbitration proceedings to successfully resolve disputed issues in favor of its clients.

Expert Witness Testimony

  • Represents clients in all aspects of regulatory proceedings
  • Preparation of pleadings, expert testimony, and affidavits
  • Ex parte presentations before regulatory bodies
  • Propounding discovery requests
  • Responding to data requests
  • Strategic planning for a successful case
  • Testified in over 200 regulatory proceedings in the majority of states in the US
  • Expertise in preparing and defending cost studies

Recent engagements include developing analyses and expert testimony regarding:

  • Utility revenue requirements for rate proceedings
  • Cost of capital for rate proceedings
  • Interconnection rates and agreements
  • Utility cost of service
  • Tariffed rates for new services
  • Tariff rate design
  • Retail pricing
  • Cost allocation models
  • Forward-looking cost models
  • State and federal universal service support distribution mechanisms