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Economic consulting services to regulated industries including telecom, gas, electric, water and wastewater utilities.

Jane Boer, Director

E-mail: JBoer@PBandA.com
Mobile Telephone: 312-813-6675

Jane Boer recently joined PBA, Inc. after 10 years working for the State of Alaska and as staff in the Alaska State Legislature. She specializes in providing support to small, rural utilities and in navigating Alaska statutory and regulatory requirements. Jane worked most recently for the Rural Utility Business Advisor (RUBA) Program providing support to utilities in Prince William Sound, Southcentral Alaska, Kodiak, and the Aleutians. She has worked with over 65 Alaskan communities to build managerial and financial capacity within local utility providers to support utility sustainability and solvency.

Jane’s focus has been providing on site assistance to small utilities and local governing bodies on topics ranging from rate-setting, financial management for utilities, project management, management and personnel, ethics, Roberts Rules of Order, Alaska Title 29, boundary issues, and anything and everything having to do with managing a utility or challenges facing local governments. Jane has prepared rate studies for tribally and municipally owned utilities across Alaska and provided supporting testimony to local governing bodies adopting rates through public process. Jane has also taught finance, management, accounting, public officials, and ethics workshops and classes to participants from all over the state.

Jane provides analytical support to PBA, Inc. staff and clients including revenue requirement studies, cost of service studies, and testimony research and preparation for regulated and unregulated utilities. Jane holds an MBA in Economics from DePaul University in Chicago, and Classics and Political Science Bachelor of Arts and Science degrees from Davidson College in North Carolina.